Frontier-Kemper Constructors, under subcontract to Tutor Perini, recently installed secant piles, tie backs, and drilled caissons at the Hudson Yards Residential and Commercial Redevelopment Project located on the West Side of Manhattan. This project is currently the largest, residential development project being built in the United States and is being constructed over an "active" commuter train rail yard operated by the (NY) Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Eastern Rail Yard Platform

FKCI installed drilled caissons that will function as the foundation for the Eastern Rail Yard Platform. The construction of a typical caisson requires drilling through the overburden and installing a steel casing pipe. A rock socket below the overburden is then drilled to the desired rock depth, and the entire caisson is filled with reinforced-concrete. A total of 241 drilled caissons of varying diameters (39-in, 54-in, and 66-in) were installed. Overall, approximately 4,264 feet of rock sockets were drilled.

Secant Pile & Tie Back Installation

In March 2014, FKCI completed the secant pile and tie back installation work for the construction of an open-cut, concrete-reinforced, box tunnel running under Hudson Yards. This tunnel will be used in the future by Amtrak, a commuter rail line. There were a total of 572 secant piles ranging in diameter from 750mm-1,000mm and 442 tie backs ranging in diameter from 1.25in-1.75in.

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LOCATION: Manhattan, NY

MARKET: Transportation

OWNER: Related Companies

CONTRACTOR: Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.

START DATE: September 2013

END DATE: January 2015